Learning, examining knowledge, decision making.
Highest level of VR allows precise practicing. Scenario with variety of outcomes improves decision making. Observation another people allows giving advice and sharing knowledge faster. View statistics after performance.

Best tool for deep learning, individual industrial solution.

*Price for 1 Scene with 20 topics. For example:
Scene - production room with machines.
Topic - change detail.
Production time approx. 6 months


Single player with HTC Vive and additional observer on pc screen.

Virtual Reality simulation with a variety of outcomes that user able to choose. Offline Windows PC program for HTC Vive glasses connected with WiFi or cable. Synchronization with PC screen, allows additional persons to observe actions, give advices, controll process. High model detailing and visual similarity with real world. Very precise movements of hand controllers for accurate operation. Acting with both hands at the same time. The user has the possibility to interact with all elements if they are enabled and has the opportunity to choose different (correct and incorrect) tools to perform specific actions. Collecting data during usage and view statistics after completing topics.

User actions: Using hand controllers for grabbing and moving objects, interact with other users.

User: Online usage for single player with translation on the screen.
Scenario with a variety of outcomes. Average up to 30 steps for one topic (recommended).

Devices: HTC Vive, optional: Oculus Rift, Windows PC.

Downloads: Installation on Windows PC.
Graphics quality: High quality detailing with machine sound effects and voice narration.

Analized data: See performance, errors, spent time etc..
Type of actions: Grabbing, moving, operating with object.
Software Implementation: Simulation of main actions: start, stop, pause, etc..
Interface: Menu, VR playmode, Statistics.
Model: Machine model with tools, details and environment.

Hardware: HTC Vive (optional Oculus Rift), Windows PC Price incl. Installation and adjustment excl. hardware.