Instrument for data management and visualization in urban development.

who we are

As a team of architects, urban planners, game developers and graphic artists we developed presentation tool for complex engineering and city planning projects to introduce a project clear and understandable to a wide audience.

We use newest methods and technologies in visualisation

from immersive technologies (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) to complex data animations.

about "urban planning tool"

We collect all information about a project in one mobile or online application. Users can step-by-step understand the essence of the project solutions and see them in animated 3D.

Each project is provided with individual structure, menu and style that presents it in the clearest and most understandable way.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"


Nowadays people get more information through mobile devices than ever before.

Thats why we choose the APP to inform the audience about project.

We are able to use all benefits of the latest technologies, from sharing and direct communication to

impressive 3D.


with society

and get feedback

Urban planning is never done by a single person, but develops from different opinions, constant discussions and public hearings.

Combining all data into one tool allows to present new solutions to an audience, and can be used as a platform to discuss during development.

Hello !

Augmented, Virtual


Our knowledge of visualisation technologies give us opportunity to present ideas in the best way.

We are looking for balance between complex solutions and simple explanation.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"


The main goal of our service is to illustrate changes in urban landscape. 
Including streets, public transport, urban development ideas and concepts, street lighting, building development and much more. 

what to know

Combine all available information about your project, including photos, schemes, and videos.

Add relevant information about infrastructure, location and plans.

experience project

Click the link to experience one of our projects with WebGl technology online in browser. Use your mouse to navigate through the menu and rotate the modell.

With this APP-Store link you can experience our project on Mobile IOS Platform. Use your fingers to navigate through the menu and try to switch to Augmented Reality presentation.

Download and print the marker as reference surface for the augmented view.

how it works

step 1: get overview

Try to imagine how the end product might look. What is the main goal? How should it benefit your needs? Our development team is ready to help with formulating your ideas, even by just offering the right questions to ask yourself.

price and start

Please contact our development team to get more information about prices and production time.


As an experienced team we know how difficult its is to create specific tasks, especially with using new technologies. You will get full support to collect and structure your ideas into a clear concept.

Solutions for planning and development process

Animate complex data for planning and streams, growing calculations

urban planning is 

working with data.

As architects we faced the complicated process of urban planning.

It’s like an equation with multiple variables which mostly needs machine capacity for calculation.

Because the world is changing so fast we are constantly collecting huge amounts of live data. Therefore our way of thinking is shifted from visual to a more mathematical way of thinking during a planning process.

By visualizing and animation of data and connecting it with development in time we can present a clear overview for new solutions.

Get better overview





New Generation Datacenter from A1 Telekom.

The whole project in your pocket. The app combines all project information and visualizes it as an AR model. 

augmented reality architecture, app, visualisation, AR architecture




A virtual tour trough the famous Panzerhalle Salzburg.




New Vienna underground stations in Augmented Reality APP for mobile devices.

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