Learning process through repeating actions. Portable tool which is easy to use. Allows to get fast overview for products and details. Best tool to explain how the machine or production works, main maintenance steps, emergency situations, material loading etc...

*Price for 1 Scene with 20 topics. For example:
Scene - production room with machines.
Topic - change detail.
Production time approx. 3-4 months


Specified for learning and practicing process for easy single player usage.

The user follows pre programmed tasks in Virtual Reality simulation. APP for offline usage on Samsung Gear VR device in different rooms without pc connection. Capable to view simplified objects in the right shape and size. Practical for visually learning the details, difference them, modify, repair, collect, place in the right position.

User actions: Using one hand controller (virtual laser pointer) for marking and moving objects. User: Offline usage for single player.
Scenario: Predefined linear step-by step scenarios: Average up to 30 steps for one topic (recommended).

Devices: Mobile Samsung Gear VR, Oculus GO.
Downloads: Unlimited. Secured APP on Android and Oculus platforms .
Graphics quality: Simplified for mobile use with machine sound effects and voice narration.

Analyzed data: No analize as user performs predefined steps.
Type of actions: Marking, moving object. Act with interface.
Maschine Software Implementation: Simulation of basic actions: start, stop, pause, etc..

Interface: Menu and VR playmode.
Model: Machine model with tools, details and environment.

Hardware: Samsung Gear VR with mobile phone.

Price incl. Installation and adjustment excl. hardware.